Wednesday, July 27, 2011

♫LuChibiRi♫ Track 8: Morning Musume ~ Aruiteru

So we are finally back again with our last song of our Album ♫LuChibiRi♫ Stay tuned, there will be a special coming very soon! It was really fun to record an album together with Lulu-chan, thank you sooo much for everything! I`m bad at mixing, as always. I want to apologise for that (gomen gomen gomen) But I think it turned out well. It`s a very calm song. Our last three songs were very calm^^ Hope you don`t mind^^ Solo in order of appearance: Lulu (XxTsukishimaUtauxX) Rika (Rikaoneechan) (more of the description is following soon!! Stay tuned!) Artist: Morning Musume Song: Aruiteru Cover by: LuChibiRi *WE OWN NOTHING BUT OUR VOICES! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS!!!!!!* More about the [:LuChibiRi:]: [:LuChibiRi:] is a group consisting of 2 girls who speak different languages yet are a group of the closest friends ever!

They are Lulu (XxTsukishimaUtauxX) & Rika (Rikaoneechan)

They found each other through music and through singing, they want to share their love for music with the world! Singing is one of their hobbies and a thing that they love to do! So, please enjoy and have fun along with them!!! They had already covered 3 H!P songs but they want to cover a lot more songs which are not only from H!P, but other different types of music too!!! Thus, please give your support to [:LuChibiRi:]!!!!!! Audio-mixing: Rika PV mixing: Rika *DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSICS OR VIDEO USED HERE EXCEPT FOR OUR VOICES!!!!

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