Wednesday, July 27, 2011

♫LuChibiRi♫ Track 4: C-ute ~ SHOCK

This is the 4th track of [:LuChibiRi:]'s Album, ♫LuChibiRi♫!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's SHOCK, originally by C-ute! This is my, Rika`s leading song in the album. Yoroshiku ne!^^ Solo in order of appearance: Lulu (XxTsukishimaUtauxX) Rika (Rikaoneechan) (Sorry about the bad mixing and bad video & mic. I don`t know why the video isn`t working right, after I uploaded it...who knows what happend XD I hope everyone likes it, it`s my leading song after all, I did my best to destroy the song XD no of course not, because this song means a lot to me I tried of course not to destroy it^^ But yeah I`m really not good with mixing it seems...neither audio nor video ...Nande??! will be Lulu-chans leading song, everyone wait for it^^ It will be online next week. Maybe everyone already noticed that we upload the songs weekly? Ah! I have a request to everyone, may you can tell us what we can do better?? that would be very nice! Because we want to improve and with our leading songs I guess you can hear more of us singing alone and can tell better what we should practice more, make better or maybe what songs suits us?? That would be very helpfull, onegaishimasu Minna-san!) Anyway, I still hope you all enjoy it! ^.^ More about the [:LuChibiRi:]: [:LuChibiRi:] is a group consisting of 2 girls who speak different languages yet are a group of the closest friends ever!

They are Lulu (XxTsukishimaUtauxX) & Rika (Rikaoneechan)

They found each other through music and through singing, they want to share their love for music with the world! Singing is one of their hobbies and a thing that they love to do! So, please enjoy and have fun along with them!!! They had already covered 3 H!P songs but they want to cover a lot more songs which are not only from H!P, but other different types of music too!!! Thus, please give your support to [:LuChibiRi:]!!!!!! Audio-mixing: Rika PV mixing: Rika *DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSICS OR VIDEO USED HERE EXCEPT FOR OUR VOICES!!!!

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