Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[:ルルカバー:] Buono!- 消失点
(Shoushitsuten -Vanishing Point-)

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Hello! ^^
This is Lulu~ Do you still remember me!?
Here I am again? haha!
Wow~ I really haven't upload anything on this channel for such a looooong time!

So~~ this time, I sang a Buono! song once more after "You're My Friend"! Their songs are soooo awesome!
I can't believe I actually finish recording this and upload it! (since i am busy with school work recently...ehehe~)
I enjoy it (even though it suck) and have a good day! ^^)/

Oh! and...this is sad but...I will really be away on a loooooong hiatus soon...REALLY SOON! (its real this time! even though i have been saying it since April until now...LOL!) so...I guess this will be my last SOLO cover before my loooong hiatus....
that's why..I hope you enjoy this? If not...SORRY ABOUT THAT!

Original by: Buono!
Audio & PV Mix: Lulu

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the music or the pictures!!! I only own my voice~ ^^

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